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Mary's McKinley View Lodge is located 134.5 miles north of Anchorage on Highway 3 (George Parks Highway). 160 acres of vacation fun inside Denali State Park.

A wonderful area for hunting, fishing, canoeing, boating, hiking, horseback riding and photography. Special trips can be arranged with local guides.

On clear days, a magnificent view of Mt. McKinley can be seen from all motel rooms, the cafe dining area and the parking lot.


Homesteaded by the late Mary Carey in 1962, McKinley view lodge is now owned and run by her daughter, Jean Carey Richardson, award winning author.


Jean leads two lives. In the summer she lives in Alaska, where she owns Mary's McKinley View Lodge in Denali Park. In the winter, she writes children's books and visits schools from her home in Houston. Jean holds a B.S. Degree in elementary education from the University of Texas at Austin, and taught school in seven states before beginning her writing career. She appears frequently on radio and television and is a popular speaker at schools and universities. Jean inspires children to read and express their own creativity through writing.

Her books include:


Tag-Along Timothy Tours Alaska (hardback) $14.95

Tag-Along Timothy Tours Alaska (paperback) $9.95

Tag-Along Timothy Tours Texas (hardback) $14.95

Tag-Along Timothy Tours Texas (paperback) $7.95

The Courage Seed (hardback) $14.95

The Courage Seed (paperback) $9.95

When Grandpa Had Fangs $13.95

Dino the Dingbat Cat $15.95

Return of the Dingbat Cat (hardback) $15.95

Return of the Dingbat Cat (paperback) $8.95

Grumpy Granny's Book of Good Manners (hardback) $15.95

Grumpy Granny's Book of Good Manners (paperback) $9.95

Grumpy Granny's Rules for Good Living (hardback) $15.95

Grumpy Granny's Rules for Good Living (paperback) $9.95

Postage and Handling per book $5.00


World Records

  • First woman in the world to be on Mt. McKinley in winter.

  • First woman in the world over our tallest peak in a light plane.

National Records

  • Winner of Fawcet Publications' "National True Story Award."

  • Given "National Leadership Award" by National Federation of Press Women.

  • Billed as "Nation's Most Versatile Female Writer" while teaching in writer's conferences.


Other honors


Proclaimed "Historian and Pioneer" by members of Alaska Legislature. 

Declared war on two governors through the news media and won:

  • In Texas: Against brutality and corruption in the Texas State Prison Systems which resulted in the impeachment of Governor Jim Ferguson.

  • In Alaska: Against Governor Bill Egan for completion of the Parks Highway, which now connects Anchorage and Fairbanks also providing a direct connection to Mt. McKinley National Park.

Author of 15 Books:

Alaska, Not for a Woman (hardback) $29.95, (paperback) $22.95

Fireweed Philosophy $3.95

Green Gold in Alaska (hardback) $17.95

Bank Robbers Wrote My Diary (hardback) $15.95

Jane's Texas (hardback) $15.95

Amazing Alaska $8.95

Let's Taste Alaska Cookbook $7.95

A-Lass-Kan Adventure $19.95

A Texas Brat in Alaska (hardback) $10.95

Two For Texas (hardback) $14.95

Alaska's Shangri-La $10.00

My Three Lives (paperback) $29.95

Postage and handling per book $5.00


Note: "My Three Lives" the story of Mary's life, is currently being scripted for a movie. Watch for it on the big screen.

              Television show "The Building of Alaska" currently showing on the History Channel and PBS details Mary's work          

              getting the Parks Highway conpleted.

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